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What is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). CO2 is colorless, tasteless, odorless gas found naturally in our atmosphere.

What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry ice blasting is similar to sand blasting, bead blasting, or soda blasting where a media is accelerated in a pressurized air stream (or other inert gas) to impact and clean a surface.

Why Use Dry Ice Cleaning?

There are many reasons to utilize dry ice processes in your . First, with government bans and regulations increasing on chemical cleaning, dry ice is an environmentally safe and effective alternative to current cleaning methods, approved even in the food industry. Also, you will increase revenue by lower disposal costs, not to mention the high-end expense savings from product replacement damage incurred over time by blasting with less friendly, abrasive media like sand, water, soda, walnut shell, bead, etc. In addition, most applicants can be cleaned on-line without disassembly, and without the worry of any grit entrapment or residue, freeing up hours of employee labor, ultimately saving your business countless time and money. So ask yourself why wouldn’t you use dry ice cleaning?


There are many applications in many industries for this unique cleaning solution that reduces or eliminates the need for applying dangerous chemicals or large volumes of water.

- Automotive

- Buildings and Facilities

- Confined Spaces

- Electrical and Electronic

- Factories

- Fire Damage Restoration

- Food and Beverage

- Heat Exchange Systems

- Historical Restoration

- Hotel Cleaning / Inc. Bed Bugs

- Marine

- Medical Equipment

- Mold Remediation

- Oil Spill Cleanup and Decontamination

- Packaging Equipment

- Power Generation

- Printing

- Pulp and Paper

- Robotics

- Rubber

- Storage Tanks

- Sanitation Plants

Effective and Clean ...

- Asphalt removal from heavy equipment

- Cement removal from heavy equipment and in foundries

- Dried adhesive, ink, and grease removal from manufacturing equipment

- Sanitize in food processing application

- Paper dust

- Cleaning Motors, Generators and Electrical Components

- Cleaning graphite lubricants off die casting machines

- Cleaning conveyors without damaging pneumatic devices, bearings, or electrical equipment.

The applications are virtually endless!!!

What Can You Expect?

We are a innovative company, utilizing state-of-the-art technology. We do not use toxic sprays or chemical treatments in our services that leave secondary waste and many unanswered questions. The results will leave you with a thorough restoration or cleaning, knowing you chose the most effective process on the market today. Our process includes; planning, analysis, design, performance and inspection. Our technology is OSHA, USDA and EPA approved.